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We strive to meet and exceed our customers expectations when performing our home inspection services. Currently the state of Indiana has home inspection licensing, whereas the state of Ohio does not have any regulations for the home inspection industry. Therefore as a responsible business, we continually seek out further certifications, licenses and contuning education. Performing over 6000 inspections sets us above and beyond most other home inspection companies.
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Whole House Inspection
Termite Inspection
Septic Systems
Commonly called the termite inspection. It is technically a Wood Destroying Insect Inspection. There are several insects that want to eat or bore into the wood of our homes. If you choose to have this service added to your home inspection (Strongly recommended) we conduct this inspection as we do the home inspection.
There is approximately 30,000 private sewage systems in Hamilton County, OH alone. As you go to more rural areas the number of systems increases dramatically.  Our Septic inspections consist of; system identification, functioning test and system location.  We will explain how your individual system operates and well as advise you of the Do's & Dont's
We strongly recommend you attend your home inspection and accompany your inspector throughout the process.  You will be given a lot of hints and tips  as well as have your questions and concerns answered as we go thru the inspection process.
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We are a family run business
Established since 1997
We perform every home inspection as if our daughter is purchasing her first home. After a number of years working for a franchise inspection company which had limitations on how items were reported, limiting continued education, and focus on profits. It was decided to work at providing quality inspections that not only find the bad things, but to also teach the homebuyer how to better maintain there new home and to better prepare for future expenses.